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Who are we?

We promote dialogue and friendship!

Peace Islands Institute promotes peace, love, respect, humanity, integrity, welfare, understanding, and much more. We aspire to facilitate a venue of mutual respect and collaboration. We also welcome and listen to the diversity of voices, provided by this nation, to develop original and alternative perspectives, and we do this in order to understand, and get closer to solving, the crucial issues that face our society today.


Build Peace!


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What do we do?

We advocate for a peaceful atmosphere.

We aim to accomplish this through: facilitating unity in order to build peace, educating the people to uproot ignorance, supplying welfare to fight against poverty and hunger, and pushing for progress to promote development.

Global and social issues today and the environment surrounding them are messy. Therefore, we aim to develop original and alternative perspectives on these relatable issues we witness daily, and to present explanations and solutions to said problems.

We cultivate meaningful relationships by bringing people together with successful practices in peace building, thus establishing much-needed relationships among diverse cultures and traditions.

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