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The Metrowest Interfaith Community

March 27

The Metrowest Interfaith Community and Peace Islands invite your to an interfaith Iftar dinner. The month of Ramadan, observed by Muslims worldwide, is a time of fasting, spiritual reflection, community, and shared meals. During the season of Ramadan, many Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and then gather together to break their fast each evening. These dinners – called Iftars are often shared with peoples of different faiths as an experience of solidarity, connection, and hope.

We will begin our event at 6:30 pm in Fatima Shrine Hall, where we will be introduced to our organizers and sponsors. At around the time of sunset, the time when the breaking of the fast is permissible, there will be prayers with our Muslim guests. Others are invited to pray from their own tradition in silence. Afterward, food will be served. It is a golden opportunity to speak with one another on this important occasion where all of our faiths speak of personal renewal and human solidarity. 

As a special treat, a Muslim calligrapher will be present. Calligraphy is the most highly regarded and most fundamental element of Islamic art.

The RSVP Link is https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wS1jXsW78C8h6dYusOv_D7VPOC3Dgo-aKF7_tMtSLNI/viewform?pli=1&pli=1&edit_requested=true