Solidarity Gathering

Solidarity Gathering

Turkey and Syria have been hit by two successive earthquakes on February 6th. More than 40,000 individuals are estimated to have lost their lives and the death toll continues to grow as search-and-rescue efforts reach new areas on the ground. Thousands of collapsed buildings, inadequate resources, and freezing weather conditions complicate rescue efforts. The loss of human life is immense and survivors will need incredible support in the coming weeks and months.

We have numerous friends whose families have been directly affected. Some still await rescue and humanitarian assistance several days after the disaster. They represent a few of the tens of thousands who lost their families, friends, and homes in the blink of an eye. The need for in-kind and financial donations will grow as survivors begin to rebuild their lives.

In light of this tragedy, we invite you to join us on Saturday (March 11th) at 3pm for a community gathering at the Turkish Cultural Center in Revere (500 Revere St. Revere, MA). Creating a space for grieving, consolation, and deliberation is paramount in this time of great need. We would like to have our network of friends generate ideas about the best strategies to deliver help to those most in need. If you can, please join us for what will hopefully be both a moment of remembrance and a session for generating long-term solutions for earthquake survivors.

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