Come Join the SOLIDARITY CONCERT hosted by Peace Islands Institute Boston in collaboration with The Afghanistan Freeharmonic Orchestra (AFO). A group of musicians from Afghanistan and around the world has harnessed the power of music to defy adversity and advocate for positive change. The AFO’s goal is to reunite Afghan musicians who have lost connection or hope amidst their homeland’s challenges and create a platform for nurturing talent, and unite musicians so that the sounds of freedom can be heard. Uyghur & Afghani Traditional refreshments are available for purchase. Halal and Vegetarian options are available. *Proceeds will go to the Herat Earthquake, Morocco Earthquake, and Libya Flood victims through the HELPING HAND Relief Organization, which provides support and organizes humanitarian help. For more info, visit **Sponsors: Silk Road Uyghur Cuisine proudly prepares and serves a mix of authentic Uyghur and Central Asian dishes like Samosa, whereas The Helmand Restaurant has been providing exquisite food from the Afghan tradition for over 29 years in Cambridge.
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