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Seeking Sponsors for Peace Islands Institute: Be a Pillar of Change

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    Sponsorship Level

    Please select the sponsorship level that aligns with your organization's goals and desired level of involvement:

    Platinum Sponsor ($5000): As a Platinum Sponsor, your organization will receive the highest level of recognition and visibility. This tier is ideal for organizations seeking extensive brand exposure and a strong presence in our events and initiatives.
    • Prominent logo placement on event materials, website, and promotional materials.
    • Exclusive naming rights for select events or initiatives.
    • Keynote speaking opportunities at major events.
    • Premier booth/exhibit space at events.
    • Extensive media coverage and mentions in press releases.
    • Special recognition during opening and closing ceremonies.
    Gold Sponsor ($3000): Gold Sponsorship offers significant visibility and recognition, allowing your organization to stand out among supporters.
    • Logo placement on event materials, website, and promotional materials.
    • Sponsorship recognition in press releases and media coverage.
    • Speaking opportunities at specific events or panels.
    • Premium booth/exhibit space at events.
    • Inclusion in social media campaigns and mentions.
    Silver Sponsor ($2000): Silver Sponsorship provides a solid level of support while offering notable exposure to your organization.
    • Logo placement on event materials and website.
    • Sponsorship recognition in select press releases.
    • Booth/exhibit space at events.
    • Inclusion in social media campaigns and acknowledgments.
    Bronze Sponsor ($1000): Bronze Sponsorship offers a valuable opportunity for organizations looking to support our initiatives while gaining moderate visibility.
    • Logo placement on event materials and website.
    • Booth/exhibit space at events.
    • Acknowledgment in select promotional materials.
    Sponsorship Options Platinum Sponsor ($5000) Gold Sponsor ($3000) Silver Sponsor ($2000) Bronze Sponsor ($1000) Customized Sponsorship
    Elaborate if chosen "Customized Sponsorship":

    Sponsorship Proposal

    Please provide a detailed proposal outlining the specific benefits and offerings you would like to provide as a sponsor.

    This should include:

    a. Financial Contribution: Specify the amount or range of financial support you are offering. Indicate whether this contribution is a one-time or recurring donation. b. Branding and Recognition: Describe how you would like your organization to be acknowledged and recognized by PII. Specify any logo placements, mentions in promotional materials, or naming rights associated with the sponsorship. c. Event Sponsorship: Identify which PII events you are interested in sponsoring. Describe the type of involvement you envision for each event (e.g., keynote speaker, panel participant, workshop facilitator, etc.). Highlight any specific event-related benefits you are offering, such as booth/exhibit space, promotional materials distribution, or product/service demonstrations. d. Community Engagement: Outline any opportunities for your organization to engage with PII's diverse community. Examples may include hosting workshops, providing mentorship programs, or offering volunteer opportunities for PII members. e. Media Coverage: Describe any media coverage or promotional opportunities you can provide to highlight PII and its initiatives. This may include social media mentions, press releases, interviews, or other relevant media channels. f. Other Benefits: Specify any additional benefits or resources you can offer that align with PII's mission and objectives.

    Sponsorship Duration

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