Interfaith Iftar and Mimouna dinner;
We are excited to announce that we are planning an interfaith iftar, open to everyone, hosted by Jack Satter House, 420 Revere Beach Boulevard, on April 13th at 6.30 pm!

The Mimouna festival, pronounced my-moon-ah, is a time when Moroccan Muslims would reach out to their Jewish neighbors in peace, goodwill, and cooperation. Mimouna marks the end of the Passover and returns to eating chameitz (leavened bread and other food prohibited on Passover). It is a unique Moroccan tradition which was an act of peace and cooperation. Some Muslim neighbors used to buy the chameitz from their Jewish neighbors and sell it back to their neighbors again at the end of the Passover, showing the harmony between them. This year, it coincides with Ramadan, on April 13th.

The event is not only open to Jewish and Muslim neighbors but open to everyone as a sign of peace and harmony in our community. Please join us on that momentous night!

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