Through its member organizations, Peace Islands Institute strives to foster environments of mutual respect and social harmony in communities. It does this by educating people about different faiths and cultures, condemning violence and terror, and creating opportunities for dialogue and collaboration among people from diverse backgrounds. We believe that these issues touch us all, no matter where we are in the world and hope to raise awareness around them in order to better understand the challenges we face in societies today.

Peaceful and harmonious coexistence is the ultimate ideal that unites all of humanity. In an increasingly globalized society, it is important to shift the discourse away from the things that divide, and instead focusing on our shared goal of peace and combating the prejudices that breed fear and violence.

We embrace democracy and democratic values such as freedom of expression, freedom of religion, rule of law and equal opportunity. It is our hope that in focusing on the values that we share, rather than on our disagreements, we can help to foster a deeper understanding and a more truly harmonious society.

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